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Getting the Most Out of Your Clinic Visit

Information about where to get your bloodwork, imaging, and contact information to stay in contact with your team.

Also, you may find information about preparing for your in-person clinic visit or virtual visit, including: what questions you may be asked, information you should have available, and how to maintain effective communication.

Getting the Most Out of Your Clinic Visit: Our Services

Questions We Will Ask You

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Taking Notes During your Visit

Questions About Your Child

General Gastroenterology Questions

Nutrition Consultation Questions

Getting the Most Out of Your Clinic Visit: Text
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Getting the Most Out of Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits or "Telemedicine" come in two different forms. A phone visit, where you speak with your doctor/healthcare team using a telephone. An e-Visit, where you speak with your doctor/healthcare team using a device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) with a microphone and camera.*

General Information About Telemedicine Visits

HHS eVisit Telemedicine FAQ

HHS Pediatric Virtual Care Guidebook

*Dr. Pai is currently using Zoom Healthcare (not OTN) to conduct e-Visits at this time. You will receive a personalized, secure Zoom link in advance of your scheduled visit. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Clinic Visit: Text
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Communicating with Your Team

You will be able to speak to Dr. Pai at your scheduled clinic visits. If you have any concerns outside these times, you may contact your allied health team who may answer your questions or will contact Dr. Pai to request further support if necessary.

At this time, Dr. Pai does not correspond via email or text message with patients. This is in an effort to optimize patient safety, manage response times, and maintain clear lines of communication with the allied health team. If you have any concerns please speak to Dr. Pai.

Depending on your child's condition, your team may involve: a dietitian, clinic nurse, nurse practitioner and social worker. The clinic also has a dedicated business clerk (booking), and 24/7 on-call coverage staffed by a staff Pediatric Gastroenterologist. There are several ways to contact your team between appointments by calling: 905-521-2100 x75013. 

  1. If you have any scheduling/booking-related questions, please leave a message with the 3E Clinic Business Clerk.

  2. If you have a non-urgent question about your child's health, please leave a message with Lisa Kennedy, RN. Typical response times are up to 3 business days.

  3. If you have a question about you or your child's inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis), please leave a message with Emily Brackenridge, NP. Typical response times are up to 3 business days.

  4. If you have any urgent, time-sensitive questions about your child's health please call the Pediatric Gastroenterology On-Call Physician through the hospital paging system: 905-521-2100 x0.

  5. If you have any serious, urgent, time-sensitive concerns about your child's health, please go immediately to your nearest emergency room or call 911.

Getting the Most Out of Your Clinic Visit: Text
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Getting Tests Done

You may be requested to get tests done at your visit. Generally, all imaging (X-rays, MRI, ultrasounds, swallowing studies) are done at McMaster Children's Hospital. Bloodwork and stool samples are given at McMaster Children's Hospital, and rarely may be done at a local community laboratory.

If you have imaging scheduled at McMaster, you will be given a scheduled time/date and location by the radiology department at a later time. 

If you have been asked to come to McMaster for bloodwork or to drop off stool samples, you can come to McMaster's outpatient laboratory anytime between: 9-3pm, M-F. You do not need to bring a requisition with you. You will be told where to go when you come to the front entrance of the hospital or elevators from the underground parking garage.

Getting the Most Out of Your Clinic Visit: Text
X-Ray Results

Accessing Your Results

Getting the Most Out of Your Clinic Visit: News
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Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster Children's Hospital offer an innovative way for patients to access their personal health information. is an interactive, online portal that allows you to store your health information and access your laboratory results, discharge summaries, imaging reports, and more.

All patients are encouraged to sign up for to get rapid, immediate access to their health information. Please note that we will generally discuss your results at our scheduled clinic visits, but if you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to contact us. 

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