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FMT Stool Bank Open at McMaster Children's Hospital

We recently developed Canada's first dedicated, pediatric-donor fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) stool bank at McMaster Children's Hospital. This novel program will aim to provide screened, healthy donor stool from children ages 5-18 years, for the treatment of recurrent Clostridioides difficile (C. difficile) infection in children. C. difficile affects both children and adults, and the rate of recurrence after a first infection is around 20-25%. Considering that some of our most vulnerable patients are at highest risk of developing new-onset, and recurrent C. difficile, this represents a major step forward in treatment opportunities for our patients. At this time, FMT is clinically indicated only for recurrent C. difficile infection. We are actively studying the role of FMT for other indications.

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